Caught in the undertow


So you found yourself in a world
You imagined was beauty and delight
Time and again, you heard folks say
Aspire, desire, you will get to that height
It is three days to a new year
and your song is it will be allright

Tired of resolutions, determined to give in
Hurt by missions you decided to give all to
Tossed by life like a ball with a toddler
reneging on dreams you vowed to pursue
looking inside for enough strength to conquer
You found a scarred heart; red with black and blue

Your last resort is now silence’s sweet realm
A world that is born when the sun bids you bye
where dreams of paradise take over your hours
and ecstasy leaves you moonrock high
fearless, fresh, immune to life’s ills and fiascoes
Time loosing its power cause you are so spry

Do not give in to slumber, there is a gift in your hand
Today is a prayer answered, it should not pass you by
If you can still breathe, there is good in the world
and search deep within you’ll find strength to apply
for the most crushed olive produce the best of oils
The year will be over but there is time to retry

Your present is a present, do not throw in the towel
Keep faith alive and hope will dream again
Life is in seasons so thank God for days past
Your burden may be heavier than a cross lorraine
but you will never have more than you can bare
when caught in the undertow, resolve to never deign


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