Time, now and me.



Every story has a beginning. There are some that will never find their end till our lives are over. The ink in a pen seems to me more immortal than a heart; giving form to my core. I know so long love lies in my heart, an ink continues to flow.

Every phase in my life leaves me with a choice, some I have never dared to make, others I made and found regret before I could live my decision but there is one that is changing the course of my existence. It finds me better every day and sends me to bed with more courage than my heart could ever sum up. I feel transplanted into a new realm – my nirvana.

I have worn a smile that has never meant much through the years but I smile now and within me every heartbeat emphasizes God’s lustrous literature favorably placed in my palms to read for a lifetime.

Some evenings, I walk home on paths I once trailed with tears. Every fall, every crack reminds me of a drop washed off by days gone so fast yet memoirs define time, now and me differently.

I look forward to a life I always knew I’d live but could not tell how it was ever going to be mine. Dictionary termed it fantasy but I’ve chosen to keep a tenacious grip on my dreams and I will pull each one till they find daylight with me.

Today and soon, every old saw will find its worth and my memoirs will be a hope for generations to come. 



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