Existing in the Present



It was going to be the sixth time I would unmistakably swipe the snooze icon without looking at the phone. This was my morning ritual and all through the day I’d be wondering, “Why would anyone create an alarm and on the same application, same device provide a snooze button; somewhere, someone I might never meet is trying to wreck my life”.

Today would have gone by as one of those days I would wish at the end I stood up at the first ring of that alarm. Maybe, I would have shared this article earlier, gotten to class in time, wouldn’t have to extend my bible reading plan, (add yours if you please) and so many other thoughts flood my mind when at ten I carefully tuck myself beneath my blanket safe from jack frost with hopes of jumping out when I hear “wakey wakey beep beep beep beep beep wake up wake up, Ity……. Your stage is set” a tune I spent about forty minutes composing, ensuring it would stimulate the release of all the histamine my tuberomamillary bodies will need to kick me out of dream world.

Just like cold water to a thirsty soul, I receive that last line of relief… I will do better tomorrow


Yes, tomorrow or so called future we all hope and even live for. Doing all we can and living all we can’t for tomorrow; such a rich and auspicious place to exist in.

We wake up and go about another day, some busy as beavers accruing advantage points for tomorrow while others act like toads ready to lose sleep over everything tomorrow.

With all that happens within and around me, I feel tomorrow is a constant and if that be, then the present is inevitably the variable.

Does it ever come or are we just blinded by a concept of a future that will eventually arrive while we go about oblivious of today. Dauntlessly hunting degrees and hoping to get rich quick. Isn’t there some other reason why we are in this world or is life all about living today and waiting for tomorrow

Uniformitarians say the present is the key to the past while the futurist argues it is the door to the future. With all these thoughts in my head, here’s my resolve: The present is a realm I must exist in. If this is wrong then your idea will help me gain sanity to face reality.

How often do we hear someone just passed away and all we think of is all they could have been and all we hoped to achieve together, when? Once again, Tomorrow

Is there anyone who still lives today like the last?



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