With all the joy we set out with at beginnings, ” The smile on a mother’s face as she holds her pearl to her bosom, the joy of leaving home for college, jumps and screams when daddy announces a family vacation or news of an appointment after an interview”,  how could an oxymoron as happy ending survive language reforms.

I’ll pick happily ever after a thousand times over happy ending since the first tells of happiness that begun afterwards. If it had to end, it really wasn’t defining happiness and if it were happiness, we’ll never let it end. That leaves happy endings at Irony’s bay.

Through all the years I’ve lived, happy endings and good movies have been a perfect pair. You drop a tear at the end, stretch and repeat without thinking about the last time you said so. I’ve never heard someone who’s alive talk about a happy ending. It’s a ghost description, fit for fantasies because happiness never so much overwhelmed anyone that they sought for its end.


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