When I got to the last page of The Sicilian, I knew it was going to be the last time with mafia stories as  its explosive suspense left me in tears when I lost Guiliano who wasn’t just more heroic at the turn of a page but worked his way to becoming a hero in my heart.

I love books about Dons. Pages filled with intelligence and strength, loyalty and smart betrayal could keep me up till I read the end so when I found the Last Don I forgot the tears I shed at Aspanu’s betrayal and searched for a character I’ll follow up to the end.

Athena Aquitane

She was a goddess. A woman who had no illusions about all the power she wielded. Every page that had her name got me dreaming of all the things I could be: a bankable star actress, renowned script writer or time changing neurosurgeon.

With all the beauty, strength and intellect in my care, I would be a bankable star actress who will choose who directs her movies, which script she acted and can make a studio lose a million dollars if I changed my mind about starring only if  the show must go on with daily prompt.


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