I’ve let my head drop on the table where I spent hours imagining a world with you. It shouldn’t be today but I’ve accepted that sometimes, life just happens and maybe, once in my life I should take its offer.

I’ve been wondering if you still know my name or think of me a quarter of the measure you did when we made night day and talked the sun out of heavens bower. I’ve sauntered to that world where rain drops were love songs and chirping birds were waking hymns, the sun had a gait and I could never stop listening to the voices of the wind.  They sang our songs and whispered your words. Nature was beautiful because it had your name on it. Poetry was modern and I was medieval because you never missed a rhyme. Time lost its count and my heart beat timed eternity.

Your name echoed in the silence and when darkness engulfed the earth and ears were deafened by stillness; thoughts of you filled my sky with stars. You clasped my heart with sounds of the wind and made me shiver in absence

Like falling embers, my thoughts have lost their bond and a pin hole is more than enough for the pieces of my heart. I’m lost in my world, the one only me could understand. Memories have gained their breath and lent forever words. Poems long written have found a meaning and life has turned answers to questions.

I’m poring over pages that have you in black and white, looking for rhymes that’ll tell me why. Why didn’t I remember no one else could do, no other had your voice, your words and our plans.

I pray the winds of remembrance will blow you to me and all the days we’ve been apart will matter no more…That 365 days after, I will be her and will have a letter to read from you


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