White on black, red on navy blue…once I heard forest green on brown, We show up in different colors but that’s not what makes us unexampled. We are hearts, healthy and joyful, pumping with love for God and passion for His kingdom.

We are family, we are one, we are Vessels of Mercy.

We love music and it’s just perfect that we are music ministers; reaching out to people and the world at large with God’s truth. They would have been no better way to use my voice than to give it to the lord.

Each one of these faces


Reminds me in the most tangible way that nothing is impossible.

We had a Yoruba song to learn few weeks back for a concert and it was that song few wanted to sing and others were indifferent because some place in their heads didn’t want to learn the song but the gift of determined musical directors pushed us through it. It was just awesome hearing us sing those words and I just marveled at how much one could do anything they set their mind on.

They’re all priceless gems, people who have written chapters of my life. They make studying medicine worthwhile. 


We love us



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