Once upon a summer


The moment I threw that cap in the air

I had grown so conversant with long hard winter that I often felt there was no spring in the air that year. The smiling sun and fresh roses couldn’t abate my uneasiness. Books to finish and projects to write took over every plan I had for that spring and each day I woke up repeating


to myself

Summer came, hats in the air…yeahImage

It was perfect time to luxuriate.

I flew to Barcelona the next day. 2 weeks, 6 countries was just a part of the after grad fun. One of those days, I laid on my bed for 16 hours. It was so surreal, I never thought I’d ever have all that time to just lie back and dream. From shore to shore, we journeyed through every wake, had meals on time and slept at comfort.

Now, I’m an intern and could be on calls all week long. Sometimes, the schedule totally possesses me and the thought of eating can’t find it’s way into my mind and I can’t remember the last time I laid in bed for more than 4 hours.

keep calm





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