Jim bought 60 watermelons






Everyone but me seems to have hated Mathematics at some time in their life. That makes me genius.

Well, I hated it long before it changed to Maths

Quantitative reasoning was the name

It made me cry, Lose appetite

I was even allergic to it. My whole body started itching when mum dropped the big red book before me and released her sting: start your assignment.

If there were ever a miserable moment in my childhood, that was the worst

It was easier to know mum kept four sweets and gave me just one because I saw the shop-keeper give her five and it was my business to ensure I had all of them than to solve “a mother bought 5 sweets, she gave her daughter one. How many sweets does she have left?”

How would I know?

She isn’t my mother who had sweets in virtually all her handbags.

Eventually, Mathematics was added to the curriculum in primary one and it was a major miracle. It just felt easier, I think because the name was shorter.

Till it was over, I couldn’t phantom why I loved Mathematics so much but hated quantitative reasoning.


That’s how I reasoned.

So I loved maths


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