1. When you fall, let it be your illusion; forget about definitions, it only brings limit.

2. Never forget to judge by appearances. The true mysteries of life are more in the visible than the invisible.

3. Keep the charm of weakness however clever you’ve become but love enough to know when to say no.

4. There are days when he’ll break your silence. Others, he’ll share your silence; be ready: he’ll make you silent too.

5. Fan his ego; with the truth.

6. Never accept imperfections, it isn’t who you are.

7. Do not compromise because you don’t understand. Never give up your values and convictions on grounds of pleasure and comfort.

8. Become the man you’re waiting for. You won’t attract what you want, only what you are. Be with someone that makes you happy.

9. Always stir imagination and curiosity. You’re worth an adventure.

10. Romance is sweeter in the longing than in the having. With distance all is perfection; dreams of total fulfillment of immediate desires; right gestures at the right time. Do not misspend passion.


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