Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

It’s easy but really hard to answer.
I know that I’ll know who I am and I’ve always known who I was but who I am today is all I will tell because it’s really about today and not where I have been or should be and might be.
So I am:
The girl who saw the sunrise on a moving train and stared at the cloudless sky for messages of love from her maker.
I’m an absentee who is wishing she’ll have another chance to do this because looking at trees and cities is better than a book and thirteen people talking about diseases.
I’m a traveller who’s drinking black coffee and now knows it’s not as bitter as the girl who made me swear I’ll never taste it described it to be.
I’m a woman who will always travel with a friend; a female, so we’ll talk till I sleep off and continue when I’m up and a male, so he’ll cover me up while I’m sleeping and I won’t wake up shivering like I did today.
I’m a student who’s thinking of how to rework my missed hours in school and who’ll choose traveling over university in her next life because there’s more to learn going round the world than sitting in the same sit every week day.
I’m a child who’s missing her mother because she’s going home and there’ll be no ‘welcome home’ food because life and the choices I’ve made have distanced home from Home
I’m a Christian who knows the Holy Ghost is always with me because He told me to write this and I’m glad I have.
I am everything trying to answer who I am in words that aren’t enough to describe me.

I am here because I want to know who you are.

P.s. Keep the answers coming

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One thought on “WHO I AM

  1. I’m a woman whose life isn’t random, therefore lives consciously with specks of inquisition and admiration. I’m a woman who believes true joy is gotten from the knowledge of Christ and the willingness to grow in Him. I believe in the good in people and I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

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