I am two women
One who wants a good bye kiss
Another who leaves without saying goodbye
One who’s strongest when she’s weak
Another who plays child to see your strength
One who longs to love again
But openly says she cares not what love entails
Hurt from moments orchestrated by me
A woman who wants to be free in love
But sees each man as a bond to break free from
Living with battle wounds that have failed to heal
I am a soul that loved and can love again
I am a crying heart that’s felt passion and waits it return
I am a woman who’s stalwart because she’s broken

I am two women
One who’s affectionate because she can be
Another who waits for love that’s shared no touch
One who knows the magic from rippling lakes and starry skies
Another who sees no life in nature because she’s quieted her soul
One filled with moments of ecstasy she redefined love
But knew it’ll find its end because it was no where there
And she’ll seek for love that makes her truly free.
Just like men reach for mars while earth is unexplored
I long for adventures, missions and risk taken alone
I want to have my family and do routines while I grow old
I am a tear in the night and the morning’s first smile
I am your desire and an unwanted fire
I am a lost gem and a rare jewel




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