When God Speaks: Personal Reflection

In the stillness of His voice lies the answer to all our questions. When God speaks is a great story of an amazing blogger. Enjoy!!!!

Style with Substance

©Just Joy Photography 2013 Never before seen image from my 4th Birthday Photoshoot outfit.

I hope I don’t make it look easy. Matter of fact,

“I hope that I’m always struggling, really. You develop when you’re struggling.
When you’re struggling, you get stronger”.
Andrew Garfield.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with many emotions as is life.

I’ll take you back to Memorial Day weekend. I went to bed on Friday night, feeling frustrated. I had so much school work and other errands to attend to and in addition, I felt like I needed a break from everyone and everything. On Saturday morning, I woke up at 4am, a bit too early, obviously bothered by these thoughts. Suddenly, the idea of turning off my phone for the entire weekend sounded so appealing to me and I thought about it for a while. Since it was a long weekend, this meant Saturday to Monday, the…

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