One more try.

I didn't come to tell the story
of how I rose to fame
I'm not here to make you sorry
for never trying again
I just want you to remember
That you've come far from yesterday
fought hard to be here
so don't let life tell you why,

Why you lost that college dream
and why you no longer have a house
Why the addictions broke your home
and why everyone said no to you
Why the bills could not be paid
and why you forgot you had to be there
Why you gave up believing that you
could be father or mother to your blood.

Let your tears proof you're a fighter
Yeah, let ‘em fall
but don't drop down with them
let your fears see that you have faith
Chase the dream,
soon, you'll forget they are there
Touch your chest and feel that heartbeat
That's the truth
You'll win when you push
Don't relent
The storms have wings
so start your flight

one more try
Yes, one more try. My friend.

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