I wish I’d lived through it wiser but I’m happy I could be a child
For the foolishness of yesterday may not be forgiven today
So I’m happy for the pits and falls
Glad I threw my heart into the street
Yea I spent on worthless things
But at that time they meant the most
There are things that’ll never recur
Some that may slip into the future
But if they do, I’m armed and ready
Not to defend but attack.
I’ve lived without a fading dime
and enjoyed a superabundance
I’ve paid the price for wasting and enjoyed making investment
I’ve been a star at sunset but cried myself to sleep at night
I’ve been a child, I’ve been a fool.
I’ve seen friends turn their backs on me, I’ve done the worst to others too.
I’ve lived in sin, denial too and trusted in my failing heart
I’ve failed in things I planned out well
Then wished away my life in tears
Through all these years, these three have stayed same
Gold is not just precious stones.
Gold’s the heart that cares for you
Diamond is not mined from earth
Diamond is that faithful friend
Wealth is not in cash and coins
Wealth is family and health
If you still have all three today
You’re not a fool
Just start again.

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