Her letters #1

I hope you rested well last night. I’m sorry I haven’t written you in forever, I always hoped someone else will so I didn’t bother trying and when it became obvious no one was, I worried if I had the right words to say. Worry birth silence then neglect. I’m sorry for staying away all these years. I didn’t even realize how much power my words possessed until I saw you smile so brightly when I said that you are beautiful yesterday and that still stands, 

you’re the most beautiful person I know and here’s the part I didn’t add: I saw the shallow dimple carved into your cheeks deepen with your smile as the hole at the center of ripples does with each new drop of water, an amazing sight to behold over and again. Your eyes are the most adorable pair of brown eyes I’ve seen, how did they escape me for nearly a quarter of a century. The master-crafter perfectly sculpted your nose as she sits in gorgeously amongst your facial members like a queen in the midst of her maids.

Would I fail to reiterate daily that you’re beautiful? I think never.

I want you to walk through today remembering that.

You are beautiful.


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