Her letters #2

Though there’ll be days to really celebrate

I’ll soar on the winds of today while she blows my mind aback to a time

When you were sunrise and moonlight.  The Color of my world.

I know today wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have those yesterdays, So I’ll lavish my thanks tonight as she opens each box we safely tucked away.

Thanks for the nights you listened to My heart, not caring that my ears were always away when you helped me get it right.

Thanks for the breakfast you served in a haste, on mornings you knew you couldn’t afford to be late.

Thanks for the strength you offered each day, never showing that you didn’t have enough for another.

Thanks for the gift I could never give myself, though I didn’t deserve you.           You stayed by and stayed true.

Thanks for friendship that makes tonight lovely, though you are a thousand miles away, I still know you’re near.

And now I pray our dreams come true so we’ll walk in the sand and sing strange songs.

That the waves of Bahamas will wash our names into its sea for an eternal remembrance.

That’ll you’ll be richer than I’ve ever imagined I’ll be: in words, in deeds, and in cash.
That this whole world will know our names Till Jesus comes again.


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