Her letters #3


Life is full of twist and turns but I’ll be at every curve in yours.

A score and counting, I’d die believing I poured out my heart in words but Here I am, in need of the best lines to tell you what’s on my mind.

Love has always made the pen write but this once I’ve been led to a fountain of grace I never knew existed.
I want to drink from this fountain for the rest of my life.
Wake to your words at dawn and sleep at night whilst reading them.
And When my letter comes it’ll read:

This is ‘Sonnet 116’, though it’s scary to lay another brick. This is not another summer mood, not moments of solitude.

This is me vis-a-vis with heart strings never tied, a heartbeat never heard, a love song worth writing and a story worth living.

I’ll be the actress and I’ll write the lyrics, I’ll keep on listening but I won’t knot the strings.
And If someday, I wake up by your side, I’ll tell how hard it was to say one more time that I can’t be in love with you.
And When I’ll keep your gaze, you’ll remember that we are Sonnet 116


Sonnet 116 is Shakespeare’s perfection on love.



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