Blanket – Daily Prompt

There goes a song that’s on autoplay in my mind.


Grace brought me out, grace has held me and I’m certain grace will carry me through. There’ve been a couple of times, I sat to write out perfection, but I only remember when it’s over that there was a list of ‘do not’s and ‘must do’s. In those moments, I desire nothing but to stop living and right there, grace still comes to say, ‘I am not done yet.”

People pop this question on me every now and then, ‘Do you have any regrets in your life?’ Then they wait intently for an answer. Each time, I find something I believe I want to completely erase from my story, but before I can find words to describe it, I remember the more than awesome event that followed it and understand right there that I can’t be sorry over a low that had to be so I could be ushered into a high season of my life.

Here’s the good news and I haven’t been more certain of anything else.

Grace constantly covers us as we journey through life and since we can’t exactly tell which part of our story had to be and which didn’t unless it be revealed to us, Let us rest in the assurance that All things are working together for our God because we love God and are called according to his purpose.



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