Her letters #5

You know that poem, “it’s scary but it’s real”,That’s how I feel when I’m wrapped in your arms. Hearing your heart, its lub-dubs and hoping it’ll always be safe and home with me.

I hold my breathe, gasp to think through words before I say them to you. Better off hushed but the words come through and you speak to me:
“You’re safe, I’m not running away.” It sounds like I won’t hurt you, I won’t let you cry again. So I’m writing a verse,
It’s scary but it’s real, For love lurks in strange curves

If for every time you asked I answered, you’ll know that when my mind wanders away,
It finds us:

In every life adventure imagined;

Bringing life to nations and reassuring hope;

Eyes locked in a gaze and you blinking out first,

By water, recounting how every dream came true and every promise was fulfilled.

P.s. It’s scary but it’s real is a poem by Favor Ayidu.

IT’S REAL – UkraineCelebrated



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