Her Letters #6

Writing has always been an escape from solitude and sadness to my soul but these days… I almost have nothing to write about because both have found eternal demise. I took a personality test yesterday and I’m a lot different than the person I’d come to accept and believe I was. This feels like putting a white shirt into a washing machine with a red one and having a red shirt and a pink one at the end of laundry. You’ve brought color to my plain world and though I fought so hard to reflect all the colors… you pulled me in, and now, I’m pink.

The colors of our love.

Black – hours spent in the dark, counting on silence, to tell the truth that couldn’t be voiced for fear of losing the most endearing moment ever shared to an unstated obvious. Thoughts reframed into words that remain unspoken and hidden in pages dying to be read. Beats, louder than that of drums – the thump of my heart against yours waiting for who says the first word.

Blue – Teardrops from the sky on noons we spent outside and how we took our turns at leaving each other in the rain but laughed it through till we got a room. Times you’ve wondered why on earth she could be crying and found yourself in search of words to dry a flood you didn’t cause. All the times I’ve smiled to tears while trying to believe we are real and I could be so lucky.

Yellow – the bright smile on my face when I read your words each morning. The way you say ‘promise’, turn around with wiggling legs when you get an unexpected yes.

There’s red and green and white and all but we’ll add up as we have time. We’ll have days with dull colors, and other days with shades of our best colors, but come what, I’ll always remember that there was a time when I reflected all the colors and you were the rainbow in my sky.

You came at dusk, waited out my dawn. You saw it’s breaking before I believed it had come.

I want to spend all of my brightness with you because you’re life, light, and love.



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