Her letters #7

On mornings like this, I stare at this single rose up on my table. Its sole beauty and stance through the cold winter reminds me of the arms of love – the anchor my heart clings to. I looked at your picture and air made my lungs sag, my heart steadied then changed its rhythm. I can’t count my minutes because each one seems lost without you here.

I’ll search my heart till you arise for words to paint my love for you. If I could measure the depth of the world’s oceans then someday the passion in my heart will earn a phrase. 

Each day you’ll wake up to my love bearer of my heart for who can tell where the streams end or find its waters in the ocean. Such is my love for you. Like Amaranth, it’s ceaseless and can’t be found in million hearts. 

My heart longs for you as my skin does for the summer sun when bold tears fall from the sky in winter. 

Love is ideal but the feeling of love leaves my eloquent mind speechless.

Screams of ecstasy tug at fibers of my heart and when she melts into a running brook, I will wash you in its unending flow.


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