Spring Breath

You’re the most handsome man I know
You’re the one I long for each day
You’re the one I wait the day out for
To tell of its blessings and woes

You’re the keeper of my heart
You’re the only one I feel for
I’ll fight the world to be with you
I’m already on it and I know I’ll win

You’re my best friend and soul mate
You’re the one who understands nothings
You’ll listen in for the untold details
And know the ones that go unaired

You’re sunrise after dark nights
You’re warmth on the cold ones
You’re Hope on dreary days
Making them count as good days too

As the new season begins today
I pray it brings freshness to us
That as trees bud and bear fruits
We’ll bud and be fruitful too

As everyone forgets the darkness of winter
I hope we’ll forget the darkness that’s been
That the whole air of new blossoms
Will blow away our pains

May the rains make us clean
May we sprout like new fruits
May our petals bloom
May we stay green and tall


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