Scent of memories

May not be so strong but can live with us throughout our lifetime.

Of all the things that are carryable in life, the scent of moments and places is the one thing we don’t think on deeply but it journeys with us through life.

last Friday, God knows who was cooking what, but I traveled 3000 miles on that aroma to my mother’s tomato sauce pot. I longed for it for as long as the smell filled the air.

The smell of burning sockets takes me back to boarding school when we would plug four irons on one socket and sometimes not iron for more than 10 minutes before the socket gave in to the overload.

Burning papers evoke memories of my childhood. I loved burning things as a child. I’d sort out useless papers, old clothes, and toys; bade them farewell, set them on fire and sit by to take in all the smoke.

Nostalgia takes a form when I walk past a bakery. I can guess the flavors from the aroma and I’m so certain I couldn’t be wrong because I sometimes taste the smell.

The smell of pine trees after rain reminds me of relief. I’d formed a habit of stepping into the rain everytime it fell on a day my heart was heavy and pouring it all out so it goes with the rain, then relish the perfume of pine trees on my way home.

Midnight breeze carries me to the sea, sometimes to the streets where I first stared into his eyes…

What do different scents remind you of?

Sweet Scents of Love

via Daily Prompt: Perfume


3 thoughts on “Scent of memories

  1. Oh, I really like this post of yours. Scents bring me back to places, too. Actually, all of my senses do.

    When I smell good baked goods I think of Fritz’s bakery when I was just 5 years old. Mom would take me there alone and say “Don’t tell dad or your sister or brother we went here.” Later on my sister and brother said she said the same thing to them.

    My pet bird has been gone for almost three months now, but I can still imagine his wonderful smell like he was on me today. I used to tell him “You smell like a bird!” as if I knew what birds usually smell like.

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