And then there were none.

A few days ago, I was going through different blogs here and stumbled on one where a lady recreated the cracks from her past relationships into beautiful art. She made pain look so beautiful, littering hope all over her lines and capable of leaving anyone craving rather than rejecting love.

That’s when I checked the name of the blog. “And then there was, I didn’t even read to the end, I added none and felt my heart break over her experience. After all this faith and hope in love, there was none? I was distracted by a message from a facebook friend, so I went over for a little chat and returned to her blog again to see that there was no ‘n’ before one.

It was the biggest thrill of my day. For one who believes there is, there is and will always be one.

Visit her world here:

via Daily Prompt: None
None Shall Pass!


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