Her Letters #8

I always remember that you were an answered prayer, my gift from God and a light that shone on my path when all the others I’d been familiar with seemed dimmed.

You held my hand and walked into my valleys. You were so far away but I never felt the miles.

I can’t forget that I didn’t try to be perfect, you wouldn’t even let me be. You loved me broken and assured me it was beautiful.

As though that weren’t enough, you took on my battles like they were yours. Waiting for days before God to see my life bloom.

I can’t forget how you defined patience, Hope, selflessness, even more love because I had fears I don’t recall and won’t accept were mine if reminded.

You showed me my wings and told me to fly with them. Your words were strength: for a time in my life, I believed I could be everything I’ve ever hoped to be.

It was in the way you looked at me when you said I could.I was constantly amazed at how God could create such perfection and bless me with it.

Waking up every day that I do beside my best friend is awesome, seeing our little selves run around our farm house, is even more adorable but we have something that exceeds all of that.

We have love that has lived through pain and now lives alone. Love that has learnt patience, trust, and forgiveness.

We have love that will grow against all odds, love that will stay awake at night praying for our purposes to be actualized.

We have love that cares and is unconditional.

That’s what I know love is, Not necessarily to have but to be

Always there

Far or near

Never away

Through all your days.


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