A dialogue between the Sun and his Ice princess.

sun on snowIce Princess: You’re the voice that sings in the winds that blow across my face. A sight in my mind that makes the whole day my best. The words in my heart, a dream when I retire at night and an untold poem at home.

Sun: Would that the grace upon my tongue were like yours, Dipped in honey and refined a hundred times over. Would that I could hear your tender voice and read your words daily as they wash over me like gentle springs.

Pure are your precious words, stirring a yearning to be pure, to be worthy, to be associated with a dove, such as you.

Ice Princess: Can I speak of grace to an end without your name or tell about words without mentioning him that makes them come alive. You’re so lavished with artistry, skill and a heart that garbs them with beauty; stirring the darkest of minds to light.

Sun: I can’t frame a suitable reply. What am I to do with you now?

Ice Princess: Smile even if it’s just for the while. Lay back and give thanks. Many have lived in this age and journeyed on without being awed by the wonders of so-called little things. Live on in love, savor creation and remember my name.



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