Her letters #9

Holding on for so long to this pen, reaching deep for words to perfectly relay my heart to you. It’s been hours and none can fully tell how invaluable you are to me.The way you express love is so peerless. You make me dart into an ideal world…Impeccable…made for two, for us.

My heart comes alive when I’m talking to you, makes me wonder, “How did I live the years without you”

When sun rays lit my room in the morning and singing birds enchant my heart, I think of you and dream of watching the horizon with you on a sandy shore.

I’m losing my grip on words; lines to relay the peace in my heart. I find strength to thrive; to be at my best, keep your shoulders high and give meaning to your every smile.

Darling, I wish you could hear the silent screams in my heart, I’ll never say enough to quieten her for a thousand words couldn’t fully tell of all the love in my heart, but still I’ll write for love has become my ink. 

Few moments in life give us courage to be better people; I’m glad being with you is not a passing moment. It feels like finding springs in an arid zone. 

You love like no one else will. Across the miles, your love makes distance count for nothing. Each time you say ‘I love you’ it comes like a first time, gripping my heart and making my tommy dance. I know I can’t be anywhere else.

When night falls and I can’t slip into my dreams, your gentle loving soothes my heart and gives me strength to lie and wonder.

Being in love with you can never be wrong, you inspire me to draw nearer to God. When we worship, defying time and space, His presence wraps me and I’m consummated by love. With a voice I can never shut my ears to, you share God’s truth, deepening my longings to know Him more. 

I love you today and I’ll grow to love you every other day.


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