Sunsets #1

img_1444Just when I got to where I knew will be the end of my walk,

I saw a very old couple rise from where they sat. That was an open invitation for me and I gladly accepted. The sun directly spilled its last rays on me; it was more like sitting just beneath the spotlight. I felt lucky.

That couple

He’s still the most handsome man she has ever known. The only one who makes her hair stand, the only voice that awakens her heart and the only face that stirs a song in her soul.

Loved and forever loving.

Love lived out through years of sacrifice.

She’s still the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. I wonder what they were talking about after so many years together. It will be just right if they ran out of what to talk about but no, not these ones; every day lived is the most beautiful story they have ever shared

There are more people alone in the world than there are those who love each other.

Which is worse? To love someone who will never reciprocate your affection or to love someone who loves you but you both know you’ll never be together.

I saw dried streaks of tears on so many faces. No single person cries alone at any particular time in this world. Though we may never meet them, someone somewhere is shedding tears at the same time with you.

I hope to hold the hands of the one that’s cried with me.

Love conquers all
It takes the breath of career 
And ends the tune of priorities
It stands alone but stands out.
Fight it and you lose every other thing
Lose it and you’re back seeking for same
Save it and it spends no day in the safe
Love has wings, on and on it flies
When the season changes
It will fly back to me
I hope I will be outside
Looking at the sky

The Stars of Sunshine…


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