Ice Princess

I watched the morning wake up today 
Long before the Sun made its appearance
Its golden rays had already torched the clouds
Scattered across the sky
Heralding the break of a new day
The reign of day and the demise of night

I watched it all happen from my window
The blanket of night rolled away
And the cape of day rolled out across the sky
The Sun torching and warming everything all around
I watched it all happen with keen interest
Because you were on my mind, My Ice princess
And the tussle between night and day
Sun and dark reminded me of my situation

As I watched the sun bath everything in the world in gold
And replace the night’s cold with soothing warmth
I wondered if I could be your Sun, my princess
To shine the light on your heart
And thaw at its cold depth
The warm embers of my love

I will be your Sun
Lighting your heart and warming it 
With bursts of golden love
Breaking the ice and opening up your passionate depth
No matter how long it takes
I will come to you every day like the dawn
And will bear my light and my love down on your icy tower
And some day soon I will see the crack of a smile on your face
And we will be the Sun together.

Words by my muse: UGsun on snow




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