Comfort Zone

Grab some more pillows,
Tuck in, roll that blanket over.
Nothing could be better than this.

See how stressed they all look in their pursuits.
Such misery! Humans are insatiable.
Don’t be one of the hungry ones.

This is enough, guess what?
No more risk, Life is uncertain,
Don’t lose this surety.

Remember, nothing is promised.
Let them wander, they’re all coming back.
You’d have lost nothing, how about that?

Your cozy pillows can’t calm my thoughts,
My lofty dreams still keep me awake.

Your blanket lies shorter than the heights
My heart daily longs to attain

How do I live here, Oh! How can I stay
Where my head and heart can never have rest?

If I can’t realize all I see
I’d have left my footprints in roads untraveled

Someday, someone will my find it in the sand
And journey on from where I’d have stopped.

via Daily Prompt: Temporary
An everlasting fragrance!!


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