Worth The Chase

Voices: They’re all running,


I think you’re in the wrong direction.

Sophia: I’ve got a map and it shows that I’m on track.

Voices: A map?

Voice 1: Which map is that? Who gave it to you

Sophia: it’s my… 

Voices: Wait! 

Voice 1: You really believe that? Who’ve you ever seen on this path? If I were you, I’ll turn around here and see how to catch up with the others.
I think you’re behind time 

Voice 2: Who do you even listen to? Do you think you’re smarter than the others? I suppose you assume you know it all, yeah? Let me advise you. Time waits for no one.
Look it’s ticking and if you keep running on this fantasy lane you may travel back with nothing. 

Voice 1: Let me make this clearer, by the time you’re done looking for these things, you’d realize that you could have made so much progress on that road than this never travelled road 

Sophia: who says I can’t make progress here, Just because no one has done it before doesn’t mean I can’t do it 

Voice 1: I’m so glad you’ve said it to your hearing, “no one has done it before”, so what’s your plan, where do you want to start from, how it’s done? 

Voice 2: Why suffer through this when you can just turn around here and pursue reality. 

Sophia: Thanks for your concern, I’m here to give life a meaning and I won’t use another’s definition. I’ll pursue my dreams because they are more real to me than your average reality. Why would anyone live a life that’s all figured out? 

Who said I can’t write my own story and live it out? Who said I can’t build the road I want to travel on?

Tell me, make me understand.

 Who said I must do it just the way they did it.

Voice 1, Voice 2: You sound so wise, we’re almost convinced  

Sophia: I don’t sound wise. I, myself, am wisdom and I’ll chart a path for others to travel. This is a worthy cause and I won’t stop pursuing my dreams. 


“I can do this, I’m unstoppable.”

Now keep running Sophia, keep running.



Pursuit of pleasure to lonely walk down a pictureless hallway


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